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We produce high quality bronze fountains and bronze water features.

The method of producing quality castings involves wooden patterns being placed in sand to form moulds, the pattern is removed and molten metal is poured into the cavity. When cool the sand is broken away, each piece is then cleaned and the fountain is assembled.

Many hours of skilled workmanship are spent to create these unique and impressive ornaments. We can also mix and match bowls, stems and bases to customise a fountain to suit your requirements.

All Billmans water features are cast in Bronze not cast iron with bronze paint. When Bronze is cast it is a pinkish-gold colour and left over time it will eventually turn to a Verdi (blue/green) colour. We speed up the process to give the Bronze an even start and we can finish in either Verdi or Liver Brown.

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Up to 1m

Over 2m High

Queens Square Two Bowl

Chaffey Mid Castlemaine

Chaffey Mid Muses

Queens Square Three Bowl

Chaffey Mid Queens Square

Chaffey Top Section