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Billman’s Foundry has always been involved with the manufacture of castings for engineering applications. In recent years we have developed our involvement in this market and have redeveloped our business processes to be consistent with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. This initiative was undertaken to ensure our capability to comply with, and in fact exceed, local and international customer standards.

Our knowledge, and experience with the casting process, including the development and production of patterns, has been of particular value to clients that are in the development phase of new product engineering design.

Typical industries currently serviced include;


• Rail track products
• Rail locomotive and carriage components
• Truck components

Water management

• Impellors
• Pump bodies
• Valves


• Engine components
• Suspension components
• After market components
• Vehicle restoration parts

Mining and Quarrying

• Machinery castings
• Tool castings

General Industrial products

• Plant and equipment
• General engineered products

If you are looking for a manufacturing of quality castings in small to medium lot sizes, gives us a call so that we can jointly determine the right casting for your requirement.