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Here are just some examples of the large range of Ornamental castings available

These include garden ornaments, lamp bases, fire grates, verandah posts, frieze work, lace work, statues, door stops, fire dogs, fence components etc. We can repair and/or reproduce your old castings and specialise in Heritage work in cast iron, bronze or aluminium. Building a reputation for creating very fine reproductions of heritage patterns, our highly regarded work is seen Australia wide and has been exported overseas. Billman’s Foundry is proud of it’s workers and craftsmen who continue traditions developed over many years.

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Posts & Columns

Marines Verandah Post

Picadilly Verandah Post

Pinehill Verandah Post

Maryborough Verandah Post

Adelaide Verandah Post

Scott Verandah Post

Flinders Verandah Post

Ballarat Verandah Post

Verandah Posts


Garden Furniture, seat and table ends


Door stops & Fire dogs

Camp Ovens

Fence Components

Billmans Foundry have a large range of fencing spears and capitals available in cast iron or aluminium.

Fence Spears

Fence Capitals